The Coronavirus Action Committee (Covac) has made an urgent appeal for teachers to join their online learning initiative while they wait for approval of their temporary radio licence.

The committee has embarked on a huge campaign to keep learning alive in Chatsworth, Welbedacht and surrounding areas by temporarily joining forces with a local radio station. This as uncertainty continues to linger over the reopening of schools throughout South Africa.

Several radio stations have come to the aid of parents and pupils, who are currently home schooling. Found on 91.5FM, the Chatsworth-based radio station is among many that have opened their airways to tutoring pupils in a bid to rescue whatever is left of the school year.

Sanjay Dayanand, a teacher, said that Covac will use this station while applying for a temporary community radio licence. “We want to do everything possible to ensure schooling continues while children are at home. While we wait for our application for a temporary community radio license to be processed, we are going to use this station to broadcast matric lessons,” he said.

Lessons are held every weekday, Monday to Friday from 7pm to 9pm. The schedule is as follows: Monday is English and mathematics followed by physics and history on Tuesday, geography on Wednesday, accounting and life science on Thursday and Friday will be Afrikaans and business studies.

The aim of the initiative is to assist those who do not have access to e-learning services and the internet.

“We will do different subjects every day with seasoned teachers conducting classes. When we get the temporary radio licence, we will cover all the other grades. Covac is appealing to principals and teachers to contact us and help support the initiative,” said Dayanand.

For more info of the matric lessons and for teachers who want to support the project, contact Sanjay Dayanand on 084 259 8446 or Clive Pillay on 061 429 2574.