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The Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre (NMYC) was opened in October 2003 by the late former South African President, Nelson Mandela. Situated in the sprawling township of Chatsworth with a population of almost 500 000 people, the NMCYC has become a hub for all forms of activity to uplift the youth and the community at large.

A tragic incident in Chatsworth in 2001 led to a public outcry and the coming together of the community to appeal to Nelson Mandela to help build the youth centre. The incident occurred when young people attending a ‘dance matinee’ at a local nightclub were caught in a stampede that led to the death of 13 children, some as young as 10-years old. The residents outcry and plea for a safe haven for youth activity, led Mandela to solicit funding for the building of the Youth Centre


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Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre
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