Community Development

As team members, your collective goal is to unite the community and contribute to its growth and improvement. Together, work towards building a stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive environment for all.

Food Baskets

Contribute to our community’s well-being by donating any food items to our community hampers for the less fortunate. Your support makes a significant difference.”


Join our team to contribute to the development of youth, imparting special traits and essential skills to the new generation. Your involvement will play a crucial role in shaping the future.

About Us

Who are we?

The Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre (NMCYC) was established in 2003 following a tragic incident in Chatsworth in 2001, where 13 children lost their lives in a nightclub stampede. Nelson Mandela responded to the community’s plea for a safe haven for youth activities by soliciting funds for the centre’s construction. In 2018, the center was renamed after Mandela.

The NMCYC aims to provide a secure environment for youth, fostering young leaders who positively impact society. Run entirely by volunteers, the center offers free programs for over 200 schools, addressing issues like drugs, crime, and unemployment. Sporting codes, awareness programs, and skills development courses are part of its diverse offerings. However, sustaining the center, which operates without charging users, poses a significant challenge, relying on community support for funding. Renovation and refurbishment are urgently needed.

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